Lung Cancer

Cancer is uncontrolled growth of the cells. The cells in our body have a property of dividing and multiplying. Each cell has a distinct time period for this activity of division and multiplication. When any cell of the body changes its nature and starts dividing and multiplying at a very fast pace, this condition is called Cancer. The cells change their nature due to chronic irritation. In Lung Cancer, the cells of lungs start to behave erratically due to chronic irritation by smoke. "People who smoke have the greater risk of lung cancer. Lung cancer can also occur in people who have never smoked. The risk of lung cancer increases with the length of time and number of cigarettes you've smoked. If you quit smoking even after smoking for many years you can significantly reduce your chances of developing lung cancer", says Dr Keerat Kaur Sibia, Pulmonologist and Lung Specialist at Bahra Hospital, Mohali.

Symptoms of lung cancer appear very late when the disease is in an advanced stage. The symptoms may include shortness of breath, blood in sputum, persistent cough, chest pain, hoarseness of voice, unintended weight loss etc. Smokers should try to quit smoking. Those who smoke should exercise for 1-2 hours everyday so that the lungs can repair themselves. Eating a diet full of fruits and vegetables would also help in preventing lung cancer.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Submillimeter scanning in the form of High Resolution Lung CT Scan is one of the best diagnostic test for finding out even very small lesions in the lungs. The sputum can be tested in the laboratory for presence of cancer cells. If these tests indicate the presence of Lung Cancer then Bronchoscopic biopsy can be taken from the lungs to confirm the diagnosis. If Lung cancer has been confirmed through these tests then stage of the cancer has to be found out. For this you might have to undergo CT Scan / MRI Scan / PET Scan of the whole body / Bone Scan. These tests would indicate the spread of cancer to other body parts which helps in establishing the stage of the cancer. There are five stages of Cancer - 0 to 5. At stage 0, the cancer is localized in the lungs and the treatment would be easier. As the stage increases, the treatment becomes difficult and the prognosis becomes poorer.

If the cancer is localized in the lungs then surgery is the best option. The surgery for lung cancer can be - Wedge Resection, Segmental Resection, Lobectomy or Pneumonectomy. If the tumour in the lungs is quite large then chemotherapy or radiotherapy might be advised before surgery to shrink the tumour. Post surgery some cycles of chemotherapy or radiotherapy might be required to prevent recurrence of the cancer.

Best Doctors and Cost

Dr Keerat Kaur Sibia and Dr Piyush Mehta are extensively trained and the best Pulmonologist and Cancer Specialist in Punjab for the treatment of Lung Cancer at Bahra Hospital, Mohali. Treatment and cost of lung cancer depends upon the stage of the cancer that it is diagnosed in. In case of early diagnosis results are good and treatment may include chemotherapy or radiation or at times lung volume reduction surgery. However, if the case has been diagnosed at later stage then the cost may go up due to usage of patented oral chemotherapy or immunotherapy drugs. In later stages hospitalization also becomes frquest which adds to the cost of treatment of lung cancer

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